I’m a student of life and of the university.

I’m a Christian navigating through that jungle we call college. I’m learning about  stresses in beams and in my academics life, toxins in the Pacific ocean and in my personal space, pressure effects on an adsorption isotherm and on my commitments, growth in a petri dish and in my spiritual life. I’m a twenty-something enjoying and enduring university life, completely by God’s grace.

This is my virtual notebook.

I’m happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way.  I am 22. This is the online log of my neophyte bum self.

I’m a Christian graduate student reluctantly trying her hand at adulting, and desperately missing Neverland. A twenty-something negotiating bends in the road, discovering the problem of choices, and enjoying long-distance friendships, all completely by God’s grace.

My idea of a perfect day involves coffee, books, and chilling with my family at home. If I weren’t busy doing research in Taiwan my thesis, that’s where I would be right now.  #PrayforElainetoJustFinishHerThesisAlready


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