Friday Night Well Spent

Food can only take me so far

A Venti Latte, a few more waking hours

But today is written in the language of laughter,

In conversations never awkward,

In songs which would make a weird mix tape

Fit for a person with the most eclectic taste

In friendships that endured

Months of absence,

And missed milestones

In connections which prove stronger

Than the turning of the calendar

And it takes me far-

To the knowledge that I am treasured,

and that in them I have treasures,

To a heartfelt grateful prayer

I had dinner with college orgmates today- two of them I regularly see, and the rest I haven’t talked to in a while. Most of them were from younger batches, and I realized that while I’ve always thought I was closer to the older batches, that may not have been true. Tonight might be proof to the contrary. Thank God for giving me a wonderful college experience, for the friends I made in college, for these wonderful people who have always been my cure to homesickness, and for the opportunity to spend time with them again. 


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Well Spent

  1. Oooh younger batches 🙂 akalain mo yun? Hehehe Masaya ako na naging masaya ang dinner niyo. Masaya rin ang dinner ko with some coteachers. Tayo naman magdinner next time! HAHA

    • Hahaha, oo nga, eh. At sobrang naappreciate ko yung fact na nagkahiwa-hiwalay na kami ng mga buhay supposedly- well yung iba undergrad pa rin- pero andun pa rin yung bond. And yung mga topics namin nagrange talaga from major issues to the mundane. Akala ko funfun lang ‘to, pero napakameaningful din pala.

      hahaha, mukha ngang lagi kang happy sa work based sa posts mo sa fb 😀

      yes, please! dinner next week! 😀

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