Chronicled by FRIENDS: What College Profs Forgot to Say on Graduation Day

Bum life has given me the gift of time. And I chose to spend it on the comforts of my all-time favorites. More than ever, I am finding wisdom in FRIENDS, Naruto, Anne of Green Gables books and Agatha Christie mysteries, among others. So, here commences a new series: Chronicled by my favorites. It’s going to be about (my) life, according to my favorite books, songs, shows and movies. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


In a few more days, I’ll be celebrating the first anniversaries of my plant design presentation and thesis defense. It’s been four months since my board exam. I’m pretty sure I no longer own the privilege to call myself a fresh grad as March nears its end. No doubt, universities all over the country have started sending their seniors to the world of unemployed.

Has it already been eleven months since my own graduation? I try to recall what our guest speaker, Chief Justice Serreno told us in her speech last April. (The only thing I remember now is her promise that her speech won’t to put us to sleep. To give her credit, she kept it.)

Now, I’m still the same neophtyte UP sent out, but a little less idealistic, a little more confused. With all the reminders our professors gave us graduates, they must have forgotten to say one very important thing: