Time Travel

Catch a dragonfly, and set it free

You don’t like Daddy Dragonfly to worry

Play a game of tag and get chased by the “it”

When he gains on you, go climb a tree

Bruise your elbows, skin your knees

Don’t cry; they’ll heal with Mommy’s kiss

Listen to Beauty’s story and it’ll bring you to tears

Cheer up and expect happily-ever-afters

Read about a woman who was old and ugly

She’s either a wicked witch or a masquerading fairy

Eat chocolates, sweets and let them fill your mouth

Brush your teeth after; a toothache’s all you have to worry about

Cut out paper dolls and color storybooks

Create a world with green sky and yellow brooks

If time had a remote control, I would

Press “pause” at that season called “childhood”

It’s less than a week to my brithday and here’s an ode to my happy childhood! 😀

( a poem I made for my intro to creative writing class )