I shouldn’t be on WordPress

I shouldn’t be on wordpress.

At least, not right now.

I shouldn’t be wrting my first wordpress post. I should be writing my paper on nanofluids and how it enhances mass transfer.

I shouldn’t be color-coordinating the theme of my first blog. I should be color-coordinating the text in my (non-existent, as of the moment) powerpoint presentation to make sure it would show against the pictures in the background.

I shouldn’t be reading freshly pressed posts. I should be reading journals on nanofluids and their applications for my report and paper due in 90 minutes.

This shouldn’t be my first post. My first post should have been something sunny, light, and overflowing with joy, but here I am, with a whiny post reeking of haggardness and academics-related stress.

I didn’t want it to start this way. While I’d like nothing better than to develop this blog, tweak its theme, and bring a smile to everyone out there with my attempts to fake literary talents, all I can spare is a few minutes to officially welcome myself to the WordPress world.

After months of checking the freshly pressed pages regularly, bookmarking wordpress sites which interest me, and announcing to my roommates that I would be publishing my first post, only to later blame the moody dorm WiFi for not doing so, I’m finally, finally on wordpress. I picked a lousy time to open my site. It’s the last week of classes in my university and I’m between exams, reports, papers, sleepless nights. I didn’t want to tire anyone out there with a description of my acads-swamped week and and give the impression that I’m too self-absorbed with only academic problems to occupy me, but this was the only thing my overworked brain could think of which could improve my mood. So, please forgive me. And don’t judge me.

I’d love to stay here and write and read and write some more but my report and paper on nanofluids is beckoning me (guilt-tripping me, actually) so, later! If you feel like cheering up this whiny version of a usually-sunny college student, please do leave a comment!


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